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Atraura Blockchain

The company

Atraura Blockchain is a leading technological company specialising in the development, integration and maintenance of Blockchain technology. We work across any kind of industries since finance or government to logistics, We aim to help our clients to stay competitive. Our consultancy service offers to clients the latest in strategy, innovation and Blockchain adoption. 

Atraura Blockchain's value

Our company can boast of having one of the largest Blockchain experts teams in the country, recognized by some of the most relevant Open Source communities on the scene. The team’s experience in technology and business, as well as their passion for state-of-the-art technology, create the perfect combination to deliver high quality and reliable products.

Business Areas

Blockchain Academy

We provide training of both technical and multidisciplinary teams to understand and be able to apply Blockchain technology to the context of their company.

This training can be complemented with an idea generation process.

Business Consulting

This department is focused on sectoral knowledge, service innovation and specialization. It helps companies to redefine their business models by adapting them to new technologies that allow for simpler, clearer and more effective operations.

Blockchain Consulting

Its activity focuses on the exhaustive knowledge of Blockchain technology and its implementations. We perform architectural design work on Smart Contracts and distributed systems, validating their structure and implementation risks with the most suitable experts for the task.

Distributed Solutions Development

Its activity is focused on the design, development and deployment of distributed solutions based on Blockchain technology, setting rigorous implementation, testing and maintenance guidelines that make sure the highest quality of the product result.

Excellence is our flag

At Atraura Blockchain we value excellence at work as our most fundamental value, our most entrenched identity brand and our motivation to continue to improve day by day.

Our tireless efforts to learn and continue to nurture knowledge allow us to always be at the forefront of Blockchain innovation, a space we want to expand and reaffirm.