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For the first time, we have the chance to change much many things. For this reason, we want to go one step further, we want to improve many fields.

But before it, we have a big effort to do. Everybody needs to know how can Blockchain does in their own business, and for this reason, we also want to show which big changes will bring this technology to us.

This is the beginning of something big


We are in the first years of this technology which will change everything. And for that, we promote Atraura Blockchain Academy, focused on helping other companies through this promising tech. On our own or by the hand of our partners, we develop projects that can revolutionize many businesses. Furthermore, we make lots of conferences and trainings to help everyone understand what can Blockchain do for them.

Bringing ideas to reality

New challenges

We love to collaborate with new projects that can be a challenge for us. We do not care how difficult or how hard a project is, we are committed on overcoming any challenge.


One of the best ways to expand this technology is through conferences, meetings and speeches.. By the hands of other  partners we organize all kinds of events to give more visibility to Blockchain technology.


To urge to use  this technology it is necessary that all curious and interested people get to know at first hand what Blockchain is. For this reason we have a large group of experts who train and teach third parties to understand and use such powerful technology.


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Barcelona Blockchain Meetup
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