What is Primavera Pro

Primavera Pro is the global meeting point for the music industry today. Throughout the year it offers a window open to the novelties and challenges of an industry in constant evolution, and during the week of Primavera Sound this commitment culminates with the celebration of the already traditional annual international meeting in Barcelona. In it, during 5 days the present and future of the music industry, with the most relevant experts, dozens of emerging groups, and all the necessary tools for the professionals of the world that attend the event.

Atraura Blockchain at Primavera Pro festival in Barcelona.

What have in common these new revolutionary technology and and old-school sector like music?. It’s easy, Blockchain have the chance to “save”, “transform” and “revolutionise” the music industry. But we can’t be the only ones to have wondered what exactly Blockchain is and why it could prove so revolutionary. Our President, Albert Castellana, had explained and cleared up all the doubts about Blockchain and music for good.

Music as a tool for revolutions

Once again music is a great tool for changes. And with Blockchain won’t be an exception, wisely Primavera Pro understood the meaning of using this revolutionary technology in music industry. In a nutshell it will change everything, since the way the fans pay for the music to the channels where it is distributed.

For further information about the festival, you can find it here.