The power of multimedia

Since 1927,  when BBC made the first TV’s broadcastings, the television has become one of the most important ways to communicate. The mix of sound and images create the perfect environment to tell stories. To sum up, multimedia program’s had changed the way how historically the people had consumed any kind of content becoming the favorite way to do it.

Nowadays everybody is able to watch this content through dozens of platforms: tablets, smartphones, televisions, laptops, and much more. Now we have the chance to watch and share anything around the world just in few seconds, we can empower us to communicate worldwide what’s Blockchain is through a tv show.

For this reason, due to the power of mixing sound and images, we deeply believe we have to tell to everybody all the meanings of this technology. Instead of reading long whitepapers we can say the same with videos.

The program we have done

By the hand of our friends from Generació Digital, a TV program from the Catalan television we helped to make a tv show where Blockchain appears. Our commitment was to create a didactical program able to show the meaning of Blockchain’s technology without going into the great depth.

The TV Show

Generació Digital is a program focused on new technologies and new ways to shape the future. It pretends to bring closer all these projects, technologies and ideas to all the people.In a teaching way, they want to show how probably the world will work in the next few years.

They try to make a program about every futurist stuff: quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, nanotechnology, flying cars…and for sure Blockchain.

More info

The tv show was broadcasted in the most viewed television channel of Catalunya, Spain. But also, you can watch the program here.