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Helping the Open Source Blockchain Ecosystem

We strongly believe we can change the world through our Blockchain projects. Our company is focused on the growth of the ecosystem.

We spend our free time being involved in new projects and communities related to the Blockchain space. And for these reason we are fully committed to delivering high quality and secure software solutions following leading blockchain technologies, standards and methodologies able to improve these open source Blockchain landscape.


We have one chance to develop an amazing technology

We are experiencing a unique moment

We are working with four different Blockchains

We are able to use any kind of technology

Collaborating with partners from all the world

All of us together to do the same goal

We are facing lots of projects at hand

We are involved all kind of activities

One of our most disruptive projects


  • This is a new land and property registry through Blockchain
  • Uses NEM, the japanese Blockchain technology
  • Easy to use for any citizen
  • Everyone will have the chance to registre the ownership of a property for all the future without doubts or troubles
  • This information will be kept safe for the future

What we are capable to do

Open Source
Alertry, emergency alerts system

Alertry, emergency alerts system

Background New technologies gives us the chance to be always connected and always in touch. It means that when something happens, we just need to wait few seconds to know what’s going on. The possibilities offered by new technologies such as IOT, smartphones, Blockchain technology...
SCTS – Supply Chain Tracking System

SCTS – Supply Chain Tracking System

Background Consumers are becoming more and more interested in the stories behind a product and do not settle with only the quality of it. Boost your product ensuring the authenticity/appellation of origin of that and make visible the process that reminds behind. Problem Ensuring provenance...
NEM Authenticator

NEM Authenticator

Background NEM Blockchain brings to the community an easy way to integrate actual systems with its easy HTTP API. A counterpart is the need to make transaction securely without compromising the private keys that holds the account’s money when the user is using non-trusted software....