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Alertry, emergency alerts system

Alertry, emergency alerts system


New technologies gives us the chance to be always connected and always in touch. It means that when something happens, we just need to wait few seconds to know what’s going on. The possibilities offered by new technologies such as IOT, smartphones, Blockchain technology or others, allow us to communicate instantly something like alerts with the people around us.


Nowadays we receive lots of information through Internet. Our Whattsapp account is full messages saying somebody is missing, our Facebook timelines shows us information about some disaster thats it seems to be happening…but the harsh truth is that many times these “emergencies” are fakes. It is not easy to pick out which messages are true and which are not.

Our solution based on Blockchain

Alertry is the first global system of emergency alerts validated with NEM Blockchain technology. Alertry has created a registry of authorities with blockchain that solves the problem of validation, allowing authorities and operators to co-manage this open Blockchain system, which offers most confidence and where everybody can consult it.


Thanks to NEM Blockchain technology, we had created a solution that allows us to create this authority registry, the trust validation, incorruptible and permanently connected. After it we created an App easy to manage for everybody: for users, for administrators, for businesses and for particulars.

Benefits of Alertry

  • All citizens can send free alerts to warn people around thanks to geolocation
  • Now all the users can chat in emergency alerts and collaborate to resolve it
  • The users of smart watches with heart rate sensor will be able to save his life when sent an automatic alert if they suffer a heart attack.
  • We can save more lives than now


Honestly we deeply believe Alertry will help many people to save lives. Since people who is suffering a heart attack to someone who is stuck in the middle of a mountain. It is a out-of-the-box solution.