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Barcelona Blockchain Meetup

Barcelona Blockchain Meetup


Blockchain is a new technology with a bright future. Day by day we are witnesses of the Blockchain’s growth. Everyday we are looking the birth of new companies, new initiatives, and how many people are using this tech to improve our society.

For the first time in history every one of us can change the world, thanks to Blockchain. It’s so important to tell the world how important will be this technology and what it will mean in our close future.

The Meetup challenge

Being Barcelona one of the innovation and digital hubs from around the world we realized there was no place to gather all these technology enthusiasts. With few friends and partners we impulse Barcelona Blockchain Meetup, a place to give visibility and try to boost any project or initiative related with Blockchain.

Basically our goal is to spread the Blockchain’s word to everybody by the hand of our partners and volunteers.

What we have done

Proudly we can say Barcelona Blockchain Meetup is one of the largest Blockchain communities in Barcelona ans Spain.

With no profit  we host all kind of initiatives and projects to give them an excellent platform to learn and promote their achievements. We want to turn Barcelona Blockchain Meetup as the reference’s place to talk and discuss about Blockchain.

Don’t miss the chance to come to our next meetup on 7th of June!

What we’ll do

Our partners and us we will still work on positioning our meetup as one of the most important Blockchain conference around Spain. We are always trying to bring awesome speakers, to celebrate the meeting in great places, trying to carry out new ways to watch our meetup and much more. We are always looking for great partners and sponsors that help us to make this conference bigger.

If you want to stay tuned, do not hesitate on following @BlockchainBCN Twitter profile!