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We are so close to a non paper Public Administration. This decision is promoted by the need to cut the consumption of paper that has an immediate effect on the environment, but also there are associated huge costs of management and storage of these thousands of tons of paper and that all the public administration generates every year.

Everyday, we are looking how digital documents are being the most widespread way to check and consult all kind of laws, rules, sentences, reports, and much more.


The challenge was to create a solution that was able to keep safe all the documentation that the public administration have to upload to be accessible to everyone.

 What we have done

A solution based on Blockchain technology that ends with the problem of the immutability of the digital information that comes from the Public Administration. It necessary to have safeguarded all the documentation that all the institutions, organizations, citizens and companies have to share with third parties.


  1.  A double verification system to publish and upload documents
  2. Hash and publish creation automated from Inmutabilis platform.
  3.  It’s possible to create hash document’s structures and upload all of them to Blockchain It’s possible to upload and share with Blockchain all the document’s hash structure previously created.
  4. Users will download a document that has not been modified and can also verify his immutability.

Inmutabilis features

  • It’s easy to integrate with existing public portals from public administration. We thought we have to create a solution easy to integrate with old-fashioned transparency webs. Due to these it’s not necessary to create a new web or a new platform, less problematic.
  • Fast: we can make that everything runs in few weeks.
  • BaaS: thanks to Blockchain as a Service there is no infrastructure to maintain, which means that easily we can reduce the costs.


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