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NEM Authenticator

NEM Authenticator


NEM Blockchain brings to the community an easy way to integrate actual systems with its easy HTTP API. A counterpart is the need to make transaction securely without compromising the private keys that holds the account’s money when the user is using non-trusted software.

The idea is to create a secure process to use the NEM Blockchain with mobile app which cosigns a transaction. It opens an endless possibilities to build on top of it. Mobile apps, server side applications, web applications which can use the potential of the NEM Blockchain.

But, the users are aware of the danger of share their private keys with external services, the blockchain history comes with the pain of losing the money that they own.


Our aim was to create an easy tool to help everyone with this messy step. As we said: the idea is to create a secure process to steer all the newbies to avoid making mistakes that can give them some troubles. We need to make accessible this technology to the world.

NEM Authenticator is possible due to the multisig account feature which it is native in the NEM Blockchain.

NEM Authenticator is friendly and easy to use mobile application that aims to use the multisig feature in a secure and useful manner.

Nowadays, the NEM users have to configure the multisignature account by themselves, and the responsibility resides in them. It could cause a lower NEM adoption due to the need to have a technical background to understand the process to secure the assets that one owns.

So, NEM Authenticator do this process for the users automatically, given this secure layer out of the box.


For this project we analyzed few studies about how different businesses deal with the authenticator factor. Here we drop some inspirational links.