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One of the main ideas which NEM was created, was to offer universal access to Blockchain technology. Creating a Blockchain that was easy to understand and use for all the people. This project has the aim to approach the technology and all his technical environment to everyone, NEM Pay wants to make easier for everybody to use token and interacts with any kind of assets.

As every technology, one of the biggest barriers to carry out it properly is the fact that we need to bring it closer to all the population. We must break the wall that separates the complex and highly technological environment with the social mass. And we strongly believe that we can help a lot to achieve these big goal creating solutions like NEM Pay.

The challenge

  • The challenge was to create an application that was easy to use that allowed to transfer different assets between different users without problems.

What we have done

  • Open source mobile wallet based on QM’s nanowallet and built on ionic that can be easily customized for any organization and mosaic.
  •   It is currently accounting for at least 3 different customizations.