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SCTS – Supply Chain Tracking System

SCTS – Supply Chain Tracking System


Consumers are becoming more and more interested in the stories behind a product and do not settle with only the quality of it. Boost your product ensuring the authenticity/appellation of origin of that and make visible the process that reminds behind.


Ensuring provenance has traditionally been done by nominating a single person or corporation as records-creator. Changing administrative patterns and record keeping practices make it increasingly difficult to make sure.

Products with appellation of origin are the most likely to be falsified. Its early authentication and its following tracking are crucial to certify the provenance and empower the history that remains behind the product.

Our solution based on Blockchain

Using the Blockchain technology , we provide each product of any company a unique identifier ensuring that the product is genuine. That product can be tracked around the supply chain and it is verified in each step of it.

The verification is made by trusted employees and its own mobile devices identified by its MAC address, we can also use special hardware like embedded geolocalizers to verify the products.

Due to the multiple authentication and the fact that the reputation of the company that verifies the product is implied in the process , we make sure that if a single time a verification of a product is not real, we can penalize this entity and even expel it from the system. We can make it automatically by only using consensus algorithms and representing the transactions with smart contracts.


Each action like the verification will be added to the Blockchain. Then nobody can change or delete these actions. All this information will be public but we can also encrypt it in order that only users with a determinate private key can read it.

Benefits of SCTS

  • Avoid counterfeit
  • Prevent damage of brand’s reputation
  • Empower what is behind the product
  • Control the supply chain and obtain extra information


Blockchain technology will add some features to the supply chain tracking system that will change forever the way  it has been done due to it will be more transparent, more efficient and it will cheaper than now.